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General Information

In 1994, industry representatives approached Middle Tennessee State University officials about initiating the CIM Program. There was a need for broadly educated, articulate graduates grounded in basic math and science, who are knowledgeable of concrete technology and techniques and are able to manage people and systems and to promote products or services related to industry.

Because of the interest in and need for appropriately trained personnel, the concrete industry has made a substantial commitment to this venture. Industry enthusiasm has manifested itself through willingness to raise funds for renovating a building to house the Program; providing consultants to ensure the program meets industry needs; help maintain the curriculum; promoting CIM on state and national levels; establishing numerous scholarship opportunities; mentoring students in the program; and providing paid internships throughout the country.

Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is an arrangement through which several states agree to share unique academic programs. Through an application process, students from participating states can enroll in qualifying programs on an in-state tuition basis. Since the Concrete Industry Management program is one of a kind, it has been accepted by the following Academic Common Market states: Alabama, Arkansas,  Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia.