Directions for use:

All input cells are blue and are the only cells you can edit.

  1. Fill in company and mix design name if desired at top.
  2. The “Custom Material ID” column on the far left is where you can put custom names for your materials (supplier name, aggregate type, etc)
  3. The “Select Material” column is where you can choose your desired materials.  The cementitious materials and aggregates  can be selected from the drop down menus.  This calculator allows 2 cementitious materials and 3 aggregates.
  4. Under the “SSD Weight/Dosage” column, enter the weights and dosages of your materials.  The units for each materials are displayed to the right.
  5. Under the “Total Chloride Ion by Weight of Material” column, enter the chloride percentages and parts per million contents for each materials used.  These numbers should be available from your suppliers and mill certificates.  Typically, cements and aggregates will be a “0.00x” number.  Water, for example, might be “30 ppm”.
  6. The Total Chloride contents in lbs  and the Total Chloride (% by weight of cementitious) will display under the “Calculations” table.
  7. An ASTM table for Chloride limit of new construction is available at the very bottom for reference!
NOTE: oz./cwt. = ounces per hundred-weight of cementitious material and ppm= parts per million